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Our Story


Inglewood Farm has been an organic farm since 2012.  Our mission is to produce nutritious, delicious food in a conscious manner, while regenerating our land.


We grow organic vegetables year-round, and sell through local farmers markets.  Our prized organic Inglewood pecans are harvested from our orchards in the fall.  We care for a large nature preserve on the farm, and also tend to trees that are hundreds of years old.  We have an abundance of wildlife on Inglewood, and we try to live in harmony even with the birds that snatch our newly-planted seeds or the coyotes that steal our melons.

We envision Inglewood as a place where people learn about healthy food and its source, and the widespread benefits of regenerative agriculture, in a way that is fun.  We want to inspire our local community to enjoy healthy food, encourage other farmers to grow it, and see our region of the world enjoying a healthier, happier life as a result. 

"Farming keeps us humble, but our aim is big."

Our History

Inglewood has been owned by the Keller family since the 1940’s, when Christoph and Polly Keller settled on the farm after World War II. We are an extended family encompassing 3 generations, including some who live here on the farm, and others who live in places across the country and the globe.Our large extended family loves to gather on Inglewood whenever we can.

"We cherish our connection to the land and the many people who have made the farm productive over many decades.."

Established in 1836, the Inglewood property has its roots in plantation history, slavery and sharecropping.  This is a sobering legacy and we are committed to embracing its hard truths.  Our deep desire is that Inglewood be a farm that provides good food to nourish our community; and also a place in service to the repair of deep inequities in farming and land access.  For companionship on this path of healing, we are especially grateful to our partner Jubilee Justice.  

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