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Our Partners


Founded by Konda Mason, Jubilee Justice is an organization dedicated to the repair of historic inequities experienced by Black farming communities.  On Inglewood, under the direction of Iriel Edwards, Jubilee Justice is experimenting with specific methods of regenerative farming, focused on rice and other grains. Inglewood is serving as the home base for Jubilee Justice programs that are expanding throughout the South.

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A community organization based at the Food Bank of Central Louisiana, committed to increasing access to healthy food. The GFP has developed a network of community gardens throughout central Louisiana, and now focuses on working through the public schools to educate children about the benefits of growing and eating healthy food.

Van Mol Organics

A family-owned farming business operating on Inglewood through cultivation of organic corn, soybeans, wheat and hemp. The Van Mols also raise cattle on Inglewood. Van Mol brothers grew up working on Inglewood when their father managed the farm.

D and T Custom Shelling

A pecan-shelling business based on Inglewood that is managed by Trey Decker, who leases the Inglewood organic pecan orchards. 

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