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What Drives Us
Our motivation centers around three ideals:

1. To fulfill our mission to provide our customers with conscientiously, sustainably, and locally grown, delicious, nutritious meat, eggs, and organic produce—while still maintaining a fair price. We do not take this mission lightly and are proud that we have reached organic certification for each bite of produce grown at Inglewood.

2. It is important to us to protect and maintain our natural resources, public health, animal welfare and human communities through the use of sustainable agricultural practices.

3. We believe in developing farming professionals, and we put an emphasis on learning. We run an “open book” company where all employees are encouraged to understand the farming techniques and financial accounting behind our enterprise.

Recent News
June 03,2020
Tuesdays: Huckleberry Brewing Co. 2727 Sterkx Rd in Alexandria 3:00pm - 6:00pm Saturdays: at the Farm, Drive Thru 6233 ...Read more
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