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Berkshire Pork
Inglewood Farm Berkshire Hogs:
Free Range, humanely and ethically treated, woodland and pasture raised Berkshire Pork

Here at Inglewood we raise our pigs the old-fashioned way. They are Berkshire breed, which are a hardy old world breed that thrive in a natural habitat, hence why we raise them in woodland areas and open pasture. This unique breed is the pork equivalent of Kobe Beef, having a rich flavored taste, deep coloring and fine marbling which is akin to high grade beef. There is absolutely no comparison to anything found in your local grocery, and the high standard of our growing practices mixed with the breed of pig makes for a perfect cut of meat. 

In addition to providing a natural setting for our animals, we believe in excellent husbandry practices. We practice a holistic approach to raising our pigs, not only for the sake of the animal, but also to preserve the life and quality of the land that they roam. They are fed minimal grain while also being given our organic produce, planted forage and whatever proteins they are able to root up around their land. Along with proper enviromental practices, we also do not use unnecessary antibiotics or growth hormones, only medications in emergency situations or to prevent the suffering of our animals. 

We love our pigs, and because of the ethical treatment during the course of their lives, it shows in the quality of their meat. Healthy practices, means healthy pigs, means healthy customers!

Whole and Half Hogs currently availabe 
(processing fees included in total cost)

We sell our Hogs by the Whole, Half or Quarter based on their hanging weight. Each animal is already fulled processed and in stock on sight. We've cut out having to deal with the processor, and you can now simply pay for your hog and pick it up the same day! Typically you will save over 20% off of the retail price by buying in bulk, filling your freezer with quality local meat. Pricing is as follows:

Harvest hanging weight: 180-220 lbs. 
Total Cost Per Pound: $5
This includes all the smoking, curing, harvesting and processing fee!!

We require a non-refundable $150 deposit to hold the hog, this fee will be applied to the total cost of the animal after processing.

Harvesting Information:
Hogs are raised to 7-9 months old, weighing between 250-300 lbs. live weight. Hanging weight on an animal that size is typically between 180-220 lbs., yeilding 140 - 180 lbs. of meat after processing.

Contact us below to order your whole/half hog now!


Our available cuts of pork include:

Offal (Liver, Heart, Tails, Trotters,Kidney, Leaf Lard): $4/lb.
Ground Pork: $6/lb.
Boston Butt Roast / Shoulder Roast: $8/lb.
Pork Belly: $6/lb.
Jowl: $4/lb.
Head: $20/each
Ham Steak: $6/lb. 
Ham Roast (available around Nov./ Dec.): $6/lb.
Country Style Ribs: $9/lb.
Bone-In Pork Chops: $10/lb. 
Tenderloin: $12/lb. 
Bacon: $13/lb.
Smoked Ham: $7/lb.
Smoked Hocks and Neck Bones: $4/#

Feel free to
contact us at  anytime for more information or visit one of our weekly market locations.
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