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Meet the Farmers
Christopher Jarreau
Vegetable Manager
Beth Hebert
Markets & Community Outreach

Beth brings a passion for health and nutrition to our Market team. In addition to working in fields, she connects with people through markets, school visits, and farm tours and field trips, helping to fulfill Inglewood’s mission of educating the community about sustainable agriculture and healthy food choices.

Become an Intern
We are looking for energetic, good-natured, skilled, knowledgeable and committed interns to help us at Inglewood Farm.

We use sustainable farming practices and incorporate biological methods to produce chemical-free, nutrient-dense foods. Our interns will learn and be involved in every aspect of healthy, chemical-free crop and livestock production. Responsibilities may include feeding animals, moving animals, budget management, composting, soil prep, seeding, cultivating, and weeding.

We offer two intern programs -- a full-time position consisting of 40 - 50 hour work weeks; and a 30 hour per week position.  Both programs provide housing and vegetables and the opportunity to work along side experienced organic farm managers.

Recent News
October 15,2019
  INGLEWOOD HARVEST BARN MARKET   SUSPENDED *** See details below *** Thank you for your support over the last ...Read more
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