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Meet the Farmers
Kurt Klukas
Manager of Organic Operations

As owner, lessee, consultant, and property manager, Kurt Klukas has overseen mid to large scale organic farms for the last ten years. Kurt believes that for organic production to take root in America, it must be profitable for farmers. While revenues should outpace costs, “organic by neglect” is not an option for Kurt. Soil health must be intensively managed through cover crops, crop rotation, and biological inputs to achieve the nutrient dense animals and plants that we will be proud to sell and delighted to eat.

Kurt started farming on his own farm in Northern Wisconsin in 2000. Over the next six years he transitioned the farm from conventional to organic production of pasture raised milk heifers, grass fed Angus beef, and forage-fed hogs.  From 2006 to 2009, Kurt was a consultant for Midwestern BioAg. He then became the Farm Director at Stonebridge, a 4,000-acre farm in Northern Virginia, which he converted to certified organic production. At Stonebridge, Kurt grew and sold organic eggs, registered organic grass fed beef, organic hay, organic vegetables, and 268 bushels per acre of organic corn.

Kurt’s experience with varied modes of organic production displays his keen ability to craft practical farm practices that support soil, plant, and animal biology and generate impressive economic returns. He is now ready to face the unique challenges and opportunities of organic agriculture in the Deep South.  In so doing, Kurt is eager to share his knowledge to help germinate a broader class of professional organic farmers in the state of Louisiana.

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