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Meet Our Staff
Sallie Marshall Monk
Accountant and Office Manager

Sallie Marshall Monk, an experienced accountant and office manager for Keller Enterprises L.L.C., lends her organizational and accounting expertise to our enterprise.

Jonathan Gilliland
Financial Consultant
Jonathan Gilliland is currently the CFO of Keller Enterprises L.L.C., and lends his extensive financial expertise to this enterprise.
Elisabeth Keller
Strategic Management & Marketing Consultant
Elisabeth Keller is the Board Chair of Keller Enterprises and the President of Inglewood Farm. She leverages her contacts with sustainable producers and successful businesspeople to offer guidance to our operation.
Lee Weeks
Operating Manager
Lee brings his 25+ years of business experience to Inglewood. As an owner / operator of several businesses in a range of industries, Lee’s strength of detailed management practices help to guide Inglewood toward its mission of agricultural and economic sustainability.
Recent News
March 04,2019
 It is easier than ever to become a member of Inglewood Farm.  And our new platform allows you to ...Read more
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