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Join Our Farm


YOU are an important part of the journey to bring locally grown food to the plates of our community.  We are a local farm.  You live here. Let's figure out how to get this done!

Here is the normal channel of food distribution:


We are focused on how to get food directly to you:


This seems to make the most sense for both of us.  We don't have to "discount" our freshly grown crops and you get vine-ripened, nutritious produce to serve yourself and your family.

What does JOINING OUR FARM mean?  It means that you are willing to make a commitment - both to us and to yourself - that at least some of what you eat at home is coming from a local farm. 

This commitment helps us to grow more efficiently and the communication can help us to grow what people in our area are interested in having at their tables.

Ideally, our relationship is truly mutually beneficial.  We get a base of committed people to purchase some of their groceries from our farm.  You get the most delicious and nutritious food in return.  But we want it to be even more than that.  We want to help our community learn more about healthy eating.  About the long-term positive effects that a nutritious diet will have on you and your loved ones.  We want you to be a part of the farm like you are a part of your church, your health club, and yes, even your family.  A place where you can not only get good food, but good information on how to prepare new dishes.  A place where you learn how to eat to combat certain health issues.  And a place you fall in love with because we care about you.

We want to hear from you on what you would like to see us doing.  We welcome honest feedback and will do everything we can to respond to those requests.

JOINING OUR FARM can happen in several ways.  Just click on the link below and check out the different options.  You can receive a weekly box that is delivered to a convenient location or you can choose options that give you credits each week at market.  And if you pick up from market, you can customize your box with exactly what you want.   

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