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Inglewood Farm’s produce is grown on 30 acres of certified organic land. We work hard to provide our customers with delicious, nutritious, chemical-free produce, and we’re proud of our results. 

We produce more than 50 different varieties of certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, which are available directly to the local community from fall through spring at farmers’ markets and through a community supported agriculture (CSA)farm subscription program.

Instead of conventional pesticides or synthetic fertilizers we use sustainable, ecological techniques to conserve and protect soil and water resources, wildlife, and human health. There is a diverse array of plants in our gardens, including many plants intended to maintain the soil and habitat as well as generate high-quality foods, and green manure crops are rotated in to maintain healthy soil for planting well into the future. Other crops, such as dill and cilantro, are allowed to go to seed in order to attract beneficial insects like ladybugs. 
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January 12,2017
The Freeze of 2017  As you all know, Inglewood Farm received quite the welcome into the year 2017 by ...Read more
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