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The Freeze of 2017

freeze damage, new transplants

The Freeze of 2017

As you all know, Inglewood Farm received quite the welcome into the year 2017 by Old Man Winter. Strong winds, sleet, snow and temperatures in the teens were his welcoming embrace. Needless to say, vegetables are not the cold hardiest of guests, and our garden has suffered a terrible loss. All in all, over 80% of our Winter Garden is now destroyed.
Unlike most businesses farms are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she can be quite cruel at times. Whether it is 30 inches of rain in August, a drought in the summer, or a heavy freeze in January, it’s completely out of our control. This makes what we are trying to do here at Inglewood a tough task, and one catastrophe such as this can ruin our chances of financial gain at the end of the year. We have encountered such an occurrence and for much of the year we will be playing catch up, formulating any ideas that can help us recoup the thousands of dollars we lost in the freeze, so that at the end of the year we can have success.
Yet, how do we measure success? Is it the financials at the end of the year? Is it how many farmers markets we can establish, how many CSA shares we can sell, or how big we can grow our garden each year? Sure, all of these things matter to us, but it isn’t how we measure our success at the farm. We didn’t get into farming to become rich…financially. This isn’t a grand scheme to build immense earthly wealth. What matters to us is providing organic, healthy, locally grown produce to families in Louisiana. We measure our success by the people we touch, the smiles we create and the service we provide to our community and the earth alike. Farming is our passion, and it’s the inability to serve our customers that is sorrowful, not the financial hardship that we will incur. This is from one of our customers, and one of the many letters we receive: “Thank you for growing real food. My son is three and has Autism. We help treat him with a diet of your foods.” This is the reason for the work that we do.
It’s ironic that the earth we try to protect through sustainable farming practices is the same earth that just wiped out our fields. Funny isn’t it? It’s also what makes farming a community endeavor. Inglewood gives and our partners give back. It’s how the history of farming has been in our nation.
I write to you today to ask for your partnership with us. See, to accomplish our goals of changing farming practice in Louisiana, we need your help. In fact, you are just as much a part of this effort as we are. As you probably know, I do my best to remind you regularly (wink, wink), we are at our heart, a C.S.A. farm. Without our current Winter C.S.A. members this winter would be a total loss. Their investment into our farm will provide part of the capital needed to soften the burden of our loss. What I ask now is that you INVEST in our farm, and the future of our organic practices by registering early for your Spring CSA.
We are gearing up for the spring season, and working tirelessly to replant the veggies that were lost. Your investment will provide the needed capital for us to purchase seed, equipment and labor to get the necessary work accomplished. Typically, we wouldn’t begin selling the share this early, but dire times call for dire measures. This help will go a long way in our recovery.
Thank you, as always, for all that you do. This dream of organic agriculture in the State of Louisiana is growing, and with your support we can continue making it a reality. We share this dream, and are excited to see what the future holds for the industry.

Please see the website online store about signing up for our SPRING CSA

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