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Spring is here, and that means it’s time for the Spring Csa. Many of you have enjoyed our Csa share and have already registered for the upcoming season, but some of you are yet to rejoin. I’m sure by now you’ve open emails from me about the upcoming share, and I hope I’m not overloading you with information. I just feel it necessary to reiterate the importance of this program to our efforts here at the farm.

Each year we start out with a goal, a budget just like any other business. Expect with our business we are completely at the mercy of mother nature and circumstance. That is where you come in. We develop a goal, a number of Csa members for each session. It’s my job to insure that we get to that number because all of our projections and plantings depend on that particular number. We formulate how many seeds to order, how many items to plant in the greenhouse, how much labor we will need, when we will plant and so forth. Our entire garden and success is dependent on the number of Csa members that we have. Hence the vitality of our Csa program. It’s so important and benefits us so greatly that we are now at several new locations, broadening our reach to customers throughout Louisiana!

New Locations: Dryades Public Market New Orleans, Leesville Main Street Market, P-3 Studio Eunice

The truth of the matter is that we are grateful to everyone who signs up at any time, and shops with us in any capacity, but in order to ensure our projections are on track, the time to sign up is NOW via one of the links below. Or, if you’d prefer to put down a deposit, please do so at a market this week, or call me to set up a payment plan at 337-515-5393. (I understand that $324 can be a lot at once)

We appreciate your support!

Also a little reminder. We pushed the share back a few weeks this year so that it would extend a little deeper into the warmer months. This will allow for you to get more of those “Spring” items like potatoes, corn, tomatoes and other fruiting items!!

If you are receiving this and have already signed up, thank you, please forward this to other that may be interested!

Link to Sign Up:

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