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Inglewood Organic Pecan Oil in Zingerman’s Catalog

Every once in a while something happens that forces you to accept that you are doing things well, and people are taking notice. If you’ve ever been out to the farm for an event, or the Saturday market, you’ve probably noticed the expanse of pecan grove that we have lining the produce fields. On a Spring afternoon there is no prettier sight than staring down the hall of overhanging pecan tree branches, or at least we think so. 80 acres of pecan grove separated by two sides of the farm help us to produce an average yield of 75,000 pounds of pecans each year. These pecans are then sold to customers through the United States, beginning with our community here in Central Louisiana. Not only do we sell the cracked nuts, we also cold press pure pecan oil for retail and wholesale customers. Cold pressing preserves the delicate flavors of the oil, while maintained it’s nutritional benefits. Just recently we have contracted a new buyer, the one and only, “Zingerman’s!” We can’t express how excited we are to be noticed by the larger purveyor of all things artisan. They have a nose for quality, and it’s flattering that they desired our product, and it lets us know that we are doing things right! If you love Inglewood products, you’ll love what they have to offer in their Mail Order Catalog. Check them out and see what they’ve got, and don’t forget to look at your hometown oil featured on their sight. Visit them at

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