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Grass Fed Red Angus Beef
We may be biased, but we doubt there’s a prettier sight than our Red Angus herd grazing among our pecan trees. We brought in our first group of heifers in May 2013, and now have beef available at all of our markets. Our cattle not only provide quality meat for our community, but also aid in our husbandry practices here at the farm. We practice multi-species grazing, rotational grazing and plant forage for our cattle to graze on. Nutrient dense vegetation provides all the food that our herd needs, while improving soil retention, and adding vital nutrients and microbial life back into the pasture. We believe in these diverse,  sustainable practices, and it shows in the quality of our soil and health of our heard. 

Cuts of Meat Avialable at Market:

Ground Beef: $8/lb.
Bones: $5/lb. Heart: $7/lb. Liver $7/lb. Tongue: $7/lb. 
Shanks: $7/lb.
Stew Meat: $8/lb.
Short Ribs: $8/lb.
Ox Tail: $10/lb. 

Brisket: $8/lb.
Chuck Roast: $8/lb.
Sirloin Tip Roast: $9/lb. 
Rump Roast: $9/lb. 

Flank Steak: $12/lb.
Plate/Skirt Steak: $10/lb.
Sirloin: $14/lb.
Round Steak: $10/lb.
NY Strip: $18/lb.
Ribeye: $24/lb.
Ribeye (Bone-In): $23/lb.
Tenderlion Filet: $30/lb.

Whole / Half / Quarter Steers
(now available)

Total cost per pound: $6 (inlcudes all processing fees as well)

Buying in bulk will save the customer around 20% and lend to the convinience of having local grass-fed beef stocked in your freezer!  Each animal is already processed, and will be available on sight at the farm. Simply pay for the animal, and take home same day. 

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